5 Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Search

Online business owners need to adjust to the requirements of mobile users so as not to fall behind and to promote further business development and growth.

If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices yet, you need to rectify this mistake immediately! Customers searching for products online expect a seamless experience – and their expectations extend to a seamless mobile web experience.

As the mobile web is constantly evolving, I’ve come up with five easy ways to maximize the appeal of your website to mobile users and, ultimately, increase your mobile traffic.

1. Make your website 100% responsive

2. Join the AMP movement

3. Use best site navigation practices

4. Use email campaigns to combat shopping cart abandonment

5. Take advantage of social media marketing

Read the full article here: http://www.jeffbullas.com/optimize-your-website-for-mobile-search/

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