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ConjureGram is the very first cloud based Instagram software, a posts scheduler and auto-rescheduler, image and video editors, auto-commenter, auto-liker, and auto-follower for Instagram that does not require 3rd part apps or desktop or browser extensions to post to Instagram. You can build your following from 100% scratch with their auto-follower and auto-liker features, then with their built-in editors, create meaningful content to auto-schedule once, or even multiple times fully in the cloud.
You can research hot topics or trending hashtags, comment on influencer’s posts to build relationships, research and auto-comment on multiple feeds, and more. Everything is 100% in TOS w/ Instagram and you’re in complete control.


Conjure Gram features:

100% Handsfree Auto and Re-Scheduling of Posts
Schedule your posts by the hour, day, month or year, with no 3rd party apps, desktop programs, or browser extensions required. First ever to do this plus, you can decide to schedule the post multiple-times in place of just one time!

Instagram post scheduler

Built-in Photo and VIDEO Editor
Use the integrated editor so your videos are the perfect duration to be published to Instagram. Use your very own or another individuals’s videos from YouTube or Vimeo for an unlimited source of related, curated content.

instagram built in photo editor

Run Auto-Follow Campaigns
Build a huge, appropriate following by auto-following target people by hashtags or area.

schedule follow feature

Hashtag and Trending Topics Spy
Tap into tidal traffic waves by discovering the most related and viral hashtags to include in your scheduled posts.

instagram search tool

Auto Commenting and Sharing
Auto comment hands free on timeline feed pictures, popular feed pictures, relevant-viral posts, or on influencers posts hands-free.

auto commenting on instagram

Auto-Liking & Influencer Search
Build your following even QUICKER by scheduling auto-liking projects to like related pictures on autopilot.

Auto-direct messaging (only in Pro version).
Yes, you can also schedule direct messages to go out to anybody in Instagram to build relationships and enhance web traffic.

And More…

Instagram is exploding right now! Instagram has 500 million users. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 58X times higher than Pinterest, and 84X higher than Twitter. A third of Instagram users have used their mobile device to buy a product online. You can reach 100% of your followers with your post compared to just 6% on Facebook! Now is the best time for internet marketers to consider using Instagram, because only 36% of online marketers currently using Instagram, so it will be much easier to build a following because there is less competition now.

If you’ve truly considered to gain traffic and profits on Instagram, you find out the problem is serious. Generating and providing things that you think people will like, wrestling with difficult editing softwares to make pictures and videos that are Instagram prepared, hash-tagging your heart out, hoping to get seen, staying up late at night time to post at the ideal time. Bleeding cash on auto scheduling softwares that actually need 3rd party apps or aren’t even cloud based and mobile friendly. And the final result, only a few comments, a few likes and a few followers, but no website visitors, subscribers or sales.

There was not any other options so the developers of Conjure Gram software decided to create their own breakthrough Instagram tool that gives you a truly unfair advantage to all the FREE traffic you’ll ever need.

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