How To Get Visitors Coming Back To Your Website With a Simple Plugin

If you want to engage your visitors coming back to your website while they surfing on other websites too there is a very easy solution, A plugin called Re-Engager that call back visitors to your site with flashing messages on your Website window tab.

Let me ask you a question. Right now how many tabs do you have open in your browser? If you are like most people online you probably have more than one. Its possible more than five, or sometimes 10 or more if you are super active. One for Facebook , one for Twitter, one for a Youtube video, one for some reading, etc. Sometimes you forget which sites you opened and close all the tabs at once.

If you are a website owner you know this can be a problem for your website conversion. But today I show you the solution how to get back visitors that leave your site to read a message on Facebook or to read their mails, or for other actions.

The Re Engager plugin forces people to notice your tab and come back to your site and after you can show them an offer, an optin form or anything you want.

Do you want to learn more about this solution? Then click here or on the next image.

How To Engage Visitors Coming Back To Your Website

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