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What is GraphPlayer?


GraphPlayer software is a video player that plays Facebook videos on your website.The explaindio team just released new web player technology for websites, blogs, and ecom stores, which is nothing short of amazing.
You can now skyrocket your social reach, dramatically increase both video content completion rate and viral factor on mobile devices, boost your leads generation, and ultimately make more sales using the effortless and most advanced GraphPlayer technology. It is a powerful and flexible Video Player and marketing platform that taps directly into Facebook Social Graph and can play completely different videos on mobile to skyrocket video virality, traffic, leads, and sales. It is revolutionary new software, which not only allows you to play videos on your own website, but automatically plays vertical videos when the page is viewed on mobile, plays Facebook videos directly on your website, and much more. Graph Player is cloud based software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Did you know that it is possible to play videos you upload to Facebook directly on your own website? Did you know that it is the only way to directly leverage Facebook social graph of every visitor who watches a video on your website?

Video has become the most powerful way for businesses and marketers to sell & engage with their target audiences online. But this is not only about having a great video. In order to be successful you need to show video the way which skyrockets your social reach, drastically increases both video content completion rate and viral factor on mobile devices, boosts your leads generation, and ultimately makes more sales. If you want to unlock full potential of videos to massively increase viral traffic and prospect reach you need to have technology which allows you to both use viewer social graph and leverage mobile video viewing trend. Unfortunately, without the right tool it is very hard to achieve. This is why Explaindio team has created GraphPlayer software. Adding and controlling Facebook video on your website is hard but now there is new software GraphPlayer which allows you to do it in just few clicks.graphplayer software

GraphPlayer has 3 critical features no any other player on the planet has, and almost everything usable from all other players, it can play Facebook videos on your website to give access to facebook social graph. It can play a totally different video on desktop vs mobile with the same player like landscape on desktop and portrait on mobile. No other player supports 2 video sources for the same player, and it can play GIF instead on short-video on mobile, so it can autoplay on mobile (video does not autoplay in mobile browser) to boost viral potential, and much more. Videos can be streamed from: Facebook (GraphPlayer exclusive), Youtube, Vimeo, MP4. MP4 can be streamed from any video link including from your own web server, amazon s3 and pretty much any cloud service with direct link to the mp4 video file.

You can choose exact start and end time for any facebook video, easily set video to autoplay, and take advantage of the looping feature, which is very important for both cinemagraphs and short viral video memes. You can set custom height and width of your facebook videos or set them to display in full responsive mode, so they automatically look great on any device. You can also disable controls and full screen playback. All this can be done with the click of the button.

GraphPlayer Business adds premium features, which pro video marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even more. Those include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom video thumbnail. While videos played from Facebook already include their social sharing options, you still want to give a viewer a chance to share on other major social networks, and share on Facebook videos not played from it. GraphPlayer Business social sharing options allow viewers to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, Google+ and post comments for YouTube video to maximize viral potential.

How it Works?

All you have to do is to copy paste single line of code to your website where you want the video to show, and you are done. The software is super easy to use and there is no any technical knowledge required. You can use GraphPlayer on any website, blog, ecommerce store, and it also works with almost every existing web site builder software there is.

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