How To Curate Content – Content Curation tips

What is Content Curation

In this video you can learn what content curation is and then look at some examples.

Mastering Single Source Content Curation Training

Learn how to master quick curations or single source curations. In this live training they cover why single source curations are the staple of your content curation efforts. You’ll also learn tips on how to add commentary, headlines, and find content to to curate.
They also share why single source curations are one of the best strategies to employ no matter what type of market or niche your within.

Content curation tools

A showcase of the best digital tools to find, capture, collect, archive, organize and present the best information, resources or tools on a specific topic. In this workshop you will be able to understand and become familiar with: a. The different types of content curation (news, resources, video, learning, social hubs, etc.) b. The best curation tools available for each one of these areas.

How To Improve Your Content Strategy With Curated Content

How bringing together the best of the web with curated content can help to improve your own brand. Including a look at the core benefits, how to curate content, tools to help and some actionable ideas you can use right now.

How to curate content on your own website

How to Curate Content into Post

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content

Do you want to know how to find the most valuable social media content? Are you looking for great articles and videos to share with your friends and fans? In this episode, Mari introduces you to the concept of curating content and how it can help your business. And Mari also reviews 8 content curation tools to help you find the best information for your business.

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