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Review Trust software (a powerful cloud based app) automates the all process of inserting real buyer reviews and testimonials about your product to your website or Ecommerce store.It is a software that automatically collects and displays reviews and testimonials for you!

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When a visitor lands on a sales page or eCommerce page, the most important thing they look for is actual reviews from real people for social proof.

The old school way to insert real testimonials to your website or stor was that after the customer purchases your product or service, you rely on your autoresponder, Facebook, or Google Drive to collect these testimonials, and you have to take that feedback, make it pretty, then design it for your page.

Now with Review Trust software and service this can be done automatically. In 2017 the automation is the key for success.

How Review Trust software works:

You simply connect your campaign with the shopping cart of your choice, allowing the system to automate the entire process.

Review Trust automatically follows up with them using some pre-designed followup sequence or your customized one. Review Trust application ask for their rating and their review with image, audio, or video and leaving a testimonial of 1 to 5 stars.

After this you only copy and paste one line of code to display on your eCommerce store or website. Review Trust display comes with over 10 different display options. You can filter through the responses and select the ones you want to display automatically.

how review trust works


According to Search Engine Journal, 63% of consumers stated they are more likely to purchase something that has a product review or rating. The last time you were shopping online, ready to buy a product or service, did you go look at the reviews?  Chances are you did. In fact, it’s proven that 70% of people look at reviews before they buy a product. There’s a reason why Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce seller uses reviews to rank their products. Because they know the better a product is reviewed, the easier it will sell! Social Proof is powerful and in 2017, it’s important you’re leveraging the power of social proof on your website to help increase consumer trust and make more sales.

So the question today is how are you collecting and displaying reviews and testimonials in your business? Or maybe you’re not even collecting them?

This software can grow your sales and conversions and can increase your consumer trust. If you’re a digital marketer or eCommerce owner you need this.

Review Trust Main Features:

– It automatically integrates with the top 13 shopping carts and eCom platforms
– It will automatically contact your customers for you on your behalf and collects their review or testimonial.
– Once it collects audio, video, or text, it lets you sort and display as you wish
– Use it on your website, landing pages, or eCommerce stores
– It takes just minutes of your time a day
– You can even offer an ethical bribe!
– You can display it in 10 unique ways on your site by copying 1 line of code!
– Use it for your business or use help your clients.
– And so much more!

Review Trust integration options:

Integrations that the software allows: BigCommerce, Clickbank, Deal Guardian, EKMPowershop, Gumroad, Infusionsoft, Jvzoo, Limelight, Paypal, Shopify, Stripe, Ultracart, Volusion, Woocommerce, Zaxaa, Thrivecart.

For every integration there is a tutorial video on the dashboard:

review trust tutorials

There are nothing OTO products and upsells. This is a complete software with all the features you need so they decided that will not create any upsell products.

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