Shopitect Software Review

Shopitect Software Review

Shopitect is a new Software that makes you a Viral Traffic-Generating Facebook + Video Affiliate Store in Just 3 Easy Steps, and the amazing thing is that even with all that power it’s very fast and easy to setup.  Shopitect is brand new software that creates online stores and lets you search for affiliate products from AmazoneBay, and Commission Junction right in the dashboard and add them to your store in 1 click. It’s super easy to add affiliate products from Amazon, eBay or Commission Junction and the automated YouTube videos feature is really helpful for getting ranked in search engines. Shopitect finds related product videos and customer reviews and adds them to your product pages automatically! And it even generates viral traffic while building an email list at the same time! The videos he has in the members area walk you through everything step by step.  And the software has a simple installer where you just click along and fill in the blanks.

Shopitect Features:Shopitect

  • Create commission-generating affiliate store in minutes
  • Add unlimited Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction products
  • Automatically import YouTube videos and reviews
  • Showcase your store right inside your Facebook page
  • Generate free viral traffic with social bonuses and prizes
  • Do everything from right inside your admin dashboard

According to a recent study, visitors who watch product-related videos are 174% more likely to buy after watching, so when you include product-related videos in your store, you sell more and you make more money and videos are shared 1,200% more times than text or links so adding videos to product pages not only will make you more sales and more money, but it will also boost social sharing and viral traffic. They added FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+ sharing buttons to every product and page, AND we also added a complete viral rewards bonus system totransform your store into a self-generating viral traffic machine!

Shopitect’s Viral Rewards Feature:

Shopitect’s Viral Rewards Feature Builds You a List andGenerates FREE Viral Traffic On Autopilot. Visitors Earn Points from Your Store for Joining Your List and Sharing Your Store and Products, and They Can Spend Points in Your Store to Win Any Free Prizes or Products You Choose So You Build Your List and Get Free Viral Traffic Automatically.

Shopitect Software feature

You can even put your store right inside your Facebook page:

Add Your Store Inside Your Facebook Page and Watch Your Free Viral Traffic and Commissions Skyrocket. When you COMBINE video and affiliate products and add social sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+…and your turbocharge it with a viral rewards bonus system and Facebook integration you get a hands-free money-making store that even generates its own traffic!


Shopitect Is Very Easy To Setup:

Shopitect’s Point-n-Click Simple Dashboard Makes It Easy To Manage Your Store and See Exactly How It’s Doing In a Single Glance. The clean, simple dashboard and point-n-click menu system make it a snap to see how your store is doing and a breeze to add products and change layouts, themes, and features.


Installing Shopitect is a snap.just upload Shopitect and run the installer and you’re ready to go in minutes. The software runs on your website so it’s 100% compatible and works with any PC or Mac.


Shopitect is point-n-click simple to use.  Just search right inside the software for whatever products you want, and add them to your store in 1 click! Create a niche store or superstore…it’s up to you. You can add unlimited products from unlimited brands inunlimited categories and do it all in minutes!


Once your store is setup, it runs on autopilot. You have no product creation, website design, affiliate recruiting, order fulfillment, shipping, or customer support. Your store does the work and makes sales, and you collect the profits!

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