Single Source Content Curation

What is single source content curation? It is a technique when you are using only one source of content and create an article about this. You add your own opinion and comment to the citations of the original article or post and you also insert a link back to the original source.

With single source curation you can always create new content fast but it is not only a copy and paste method. It is very important to not just get an article and put on your site. You only add a piece of the content (2-3 paragraphs) to your post and put your own comment to make this article unique for seo and valuable for your readers.

Curated content can be a video as well as you see in my example. I found this video useful for my readers, and I put on my site with my own content and commentary near the video. This can be a type of single source curated content. But the next video is about how to curate written contents from the web.

The next video is a webinar about how to do correctly this.

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