Stock Media Rush

Stock Media Rush


Stock Media Rush is a Graphic Assets Bundle with over a Thousand High Quality Photos, No Background People Images, Video Footages, Whiteboard Vectors And Audio Files, NO More Strugglingto Create Fresh, Unique, and Attractive Graphics for Your Marketing Projects.

Stock Media Rush Features:

– No More Expensive Fees
– Add Value To Your Product Or Service
– Use them on your website or your client’s website.
– Compatible With All Top Video and Graphic Editing Software
– Easily Grab The Attention Of Your Audience
– Limitless Possible Combinations

Why you need this Stock Media collection?

The brand-new world of marketing is increasingly visual. It’s no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social media networks on the internet – like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat – are focused mostly on visual material.
Great visuals are important because the human brain is wired to check out and understand images better and faster than words.
Material with visuals receive 94 % more page check outs and engagement than those without. Videos on landing pages also enhance typical page conversion rates by 86 %. Sometimes, conversions increase by up to 200 %.
Searching for the ideal media files for your blog post or site can be a pain. After writing a post, the last thing any of us wants to do is flip through limitless pages of costly stock photos.
It’s so much easier to Google the term and “borrow” one of the images that shows up as a search engine result. Regrettable that’s prohibited.
Yes, prohibited. As in, you will face major fines for “borrowing” images.
The bottom line is if you can’t pay for a stock media file, you definitely can’t pay for the fine that comes from taking one.
You Required Legal Media Files!

Lets admit it, high quality marketing graphics and images that you can relax and make use of in your tasks don’t come that easy. Making visual content is a profitable company for great deals of huge stock photo websites and they charge top dollar for their efforts.
Most big stock photo sites make you purchase files with credits. Nine-time-out-of-ten, you wind up squandering money by never having the ability to utilize all the credits you purchase.
And don’t get me going about “extended rights licenses” That’s another game most stock photo websites play. The huge people force you to buy extended rights licenses to use their images in commercial jobs – and these can easily cost upwards of $50.
And more likely that’s precisely why you’re acquiring stock media files – due to the fact that you want to utilize it commercially to assist promote your services and products.
Ionut Macovei and Ciprian Macovei have a really special offer for you. They’re opening up access to their stock media bundle to the public. All the files in the pack are copyright totally free so there are no concerns ever of getting nailed for copyright violation.

You can use this Stock Media Rush collection in:

You need quality images without worrying about copyright infringement, or paying royalties. But you don’t have to tell us, quality media files are expensive.
On most stock photo sites, you’ll pay $10 or more per photo.
But with us you can download up to 1000 files for the same price you’d pay for a single file from the big stock photo sites . . .

Use the high-resolution images you’ll find inside Stock Media Rush to create gorgeous timeline covers, images posts and ads.
You have over 1000 files to choose from, plus our amazing bonuses.
You’ll have a wealth of media files for all your social media needs right at your fingertips.

You need high-quality images for your book covers and illustrations.
If you purchase images from “the Big Guys” you’ll often be forced into purchasing an extended-use license, or having to pay royalties for using their images.
Not so with Stock Media Rush. You’re granted permission to use these images for unlimited projects .

Product creators alike need high-resolution media files.
Images break up the monotony of text-based pages, giving your readers visual relief.
Not to mention, including images with alt text provides SEO benefits.

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