Traffic Tips: How to get more traffic to your blog in 2017

In this post I will discuss about some strategies that can help you getting more blog traffic. In the next days I will continue this topic with more helpful infos with videos what I found useful.

The first question what I must answer is that how many ways you can get traffic to your blog? And after I can show you this ways you can use for more visitors.

Ways to get traffic to your blog in 2017

  1. Get Organic Traffic with good Seo methods
  2. You can get a lot of traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and the list is very big
  3. Guest Blogging : Write quality content on others sites that already has much traffic
  4. Get traffic with Video Marketing
  5. Use paid advertising (in example Facebook advertising, what I think is the best)
  6. Build your list and send regularly newsletters that drive traffic to your blog

These was the most known ways you can get visitors to your site, and on every point you can use different methods and tools. You can find a lot of helpful tools on my site that can help you driving more traffic to your website, only search on my main menu.

Ok. so lets go in details.

Get more Organic traffic to your blog 2017

In this section I will speak about some basics Seo methods that can help you getting more organic traffic to your blog.

You can read this article related to this section: How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine To Your Blog

organic traffic to your blog

In 2017 Seo is more than just link building. The most important thing in Seo in 2017 is that how your visitors interact with your site, how much time they spend on your site, how fast they leave your site, if they click or no to another pages on your blog (this is the bounce rate), etc.

– Forget backlink building if you just start creating your first blog. And in general forget backlink building softwares. Try focusing on your content and on your site structure and silo structure. Try to create your content for readers not for Google. Make good interlinking link from one of your post to another (good site silo and interlinking can help you in your ranking position).

– Make your site load speed faster. You can check your site speed analytics here PageSpeed Insights.

– Write articles with more textes, articles with more words (minimum 1000) rank faster than the others with only 200-300 words.

– Publish regularly (if you publish regularly your readers will come back more often, and Google also will like your site).

There are a lot of techniques in this section you can use that a thick book is not enough to tell about this everything.

So here is a video that you can find useful if you want to know more about how to get more organic traffc:

Get traffic to your blog from Social Media in 2017:

get traffic from social media

Social media marketing is very powerful. The most popular method is to get traffic from Facebook. Build your following, create Fanpages, share useful content regularly, be entertaining. You can use viral marketing too, if you want you can automate some process here as well. If you want you can find some good softwares on my Facebook software menu.

Facebook is the best because there are the most of the people but you can use Twitter and G+ as well. And dont forget the others that begin to catch up like Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit.

Dont forget to place social sharing buttons on your site that people can share easy your content on their social media profiles if they liked. If you have a WordPress website there is a lot of plugin that can do this, in example I use a plugin called Digg Digg.


How to get traffic to your blog with Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to get more blog visitors. People like videos and in this accelerated world they rather watch a video than read a full article. With videos you can drive a lot of traffic to your posts. In the beginning I dont used videos, I concentrated only to my posts, but after I started creating videos my traffic to my blog doubled very fast.

If you can create videos that has a lot of views you can drive hundreds and thousand of visitors to your blog. The best place to upload your videos is Youtube. A good quality video that is helpful for your followers that also rank high in the search engine (on Google and Youtube too) can help in your blog post ranking as well.

get traffic from video marketing

What you must learn if tou want to drive a lot of traffic from your videos to your blog:

  • How to create videos (you can find some usefool tools on my Video Marketing Software menu) – you can create slideshow type presentations, screen recordings, you can use your videocamera, use video animations, etc.
  • How to use video creator and editor softwares (there are a lot of free tools like Windows Movie Maker and paid tools as well like Explaindio or Camtasia, etc)
  • How to optimize your videos for getting more traffic (optimizing Titles, Descriptions, Tags, etc.

In the next video the author speaks about which is better blogging vs. video marketing (but why not to use both for better results):

Get more visitors to your blog with Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging: What is Guest Blogging? & Why it’s Important for your Business

Guest blogging is a method when bloggers write blog posts to be published on other bloggers’ blogs. In this blog you insert a link back to your blog or multiple links. In this way you can get a lot of traffic and you can increase your ranking as well if you select only authority blogs. Make sure that the blog what you select has a lot of traffic and has authority. But to cooperate with these blogger you must write very good quality content. I am sure if you write quality content that is helpful for readers you will be not refused.

At the end we can mention the list building and paid advertising as the other 2 most popular way to get a lot of traffic to your blog. Building a list is vital for your business. If you have a big list you always can drive a ton of traffic to your blog. When you write a new article and send out to your subscribers this article will get a lot of visitors on the same day when you send out your newsletter. Imagine having a list with thousand of subscibers. Imagine writing a new article every day and sending out to your list. This is a lot of traffic.

Paid advertising is the another huge part, but this is where you can lost a lot of money if you are doing it wong. Facebook advertising is the most popular because can be very cheap and on 2017 as I know Facebook video advertising is the most powerful because can produce very cheap clicks.

As you see there are a lot of ways you can do and you must do some of them to generat more traffic to your blog in 2017. But these are only the basics. You must figure out each method and the best method is to choose one of them first learn about the topic everything you can and only start the other ones when you are professional on what you choosed.

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