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On March 21, 2015
Last modified:November 13, 2019


TTS Sketch Maker is a text to speech whiteboards video software application that includes high-quality voices (male and female voices included in the software). This software will allow anyone to create high-quality whiteboard/sketch videos in minutes.



It is very easy to use so you can start using the software and start creating your Text To Speech videos in only minutes after getting it. The developers included several accents and languages on the software so you can choose your favorite voice when creating your videos.

With TTS Sketch Maker video creator you can save time and money by creating text to speech videos yourself so you can avoid paying someone to create your videos or spending money on voice-overs.

You can add your own SVG, PNG or JPG images. This software includes several Animated SVG images but you can add your OWN Animated SVG images if you want! You can also add your own music if you want.

Attention: When you install or run the software turn off your antivirus program because some antivirus software caused problems on running the software. And some other errors was with the software on my friends computer.

Watch how I create a video with TTS Sketch Maker:

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Check out Mugjam here another good software with text to speech.

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