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Video Producer PRO is a video creator and editor software that allows you to create professional looking videos by adding Intros, titles, outros and other effects to videos created with the software. You can use any regular video you have on your computer or even any YouTube video that you could download using the software. Very important part of the software for me is the screen recording function.

video producer pro

With the help of this video maker software you can create your own video products and make them look professional without investing any money, just a bit of time! You can add your training courses on Udemy or similar sites and make an extra income, over and over. You can improve any video you have on your computer or any YouTube video and profit from them by increasing its conversions. You could offer your services on freelancer sites or social media and get an extra income by creating professional videos!

Check out my Video Producer Pro review video here:

How Video Producer Pro works:

STEP 1: Choose an Intro and Title
On the INTRO Tab, You can select from many 2D or 3D* animations included on the software, you can customize most of the options, like the copy, font color, logo, you can add intro music. On the TITLE tab, you can select from several Title Animations, titles are useful to allow your viewers know what they are watching, maybe you are creating a training course? or telling a story? ie: Part 1 or Chapter 3 or Episode 4

STEP 2: Choose a Video Source and Edit it
You can add videos from several sources. You can add your own videos, video stored on your computer or hard drive, you can create your own videos using videos and/or images (Merge Tool), you can download YouTube videos or you can use the Screen Recorder function. They’ve added a music player to allow you to preview the songs included in the software or to preview your own songs before adding them as a new layer on your video.

STEP 3: Choose an Outro Video Style
You can choose from 4 of the templates and several social media icons, you can customise the background and add your own music. Adding an Outro to your videos will engage your users, increasing the traffic to your channel and it will increase your rankings and authority.

Video Producer Pro software features:

video producer pro features

Intro & Logo Stinger Maker
Create amazing 2D and 3D animations, Select your favorite one and customise your settings.

Title Maker
Additionally you can add titles to add that extra bit of information & to keep things tidy.

Micro Video Editor
They are using the latest video edition technology, designed to make things easier and faster.

Outro Maker
Ready-made templates designed to engage your viewers and to increase their loyalty

Video Merger
To allow you to mix video and images to create a unique video that you can improve.

Screen Recorder
Capture your important screen actions to edit them and later share them with the world!

Pros and Cons and Technical errors:


  •  Easy to use
  • Good Screen Recording function


  • The trim function not works well (now you can trim a specific part of your video but when you try to export the video there is an error)
  • There is also has some technical errors when creating a new campaign (you must close the software after you are ready with a campaign to start a new without errors)
  • Some intros work well , some not (where not works – the video not shows your custom text in your logo)

In general I can tell you that it is a very good software for fast video creation with intros and outros. If you not want to trim, and you are not perfectionist then you can use it for creating demo videos, in most cases I use for recording my screen when I create a review or a demo video about a software. Often I not add my intros and outros to the video only the main video that I recorded with the screen recording function and after I export it directly without any extra work when I want to save time.

You can get Video Producer Pro software here

video producer pro

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