WordPress Plugins


re engager software

Re Engager plugin will help you get more opt-ins, sales, and ultimately make more money. What if there was a way to literally force people to notice your tab and get them to come back to your site by using a powerful psychological tactic that works virtually every single time. More info here

Wp Fresh Pop

wp fresh pop

WP FreshPop software (is a WordPress plugin) allows you to add and customize a powerful popup technology. A technology that does not annoy the customer. Different display features included (video w/background, video by itself, etc). Wp Fresh Pop gives you full control to customize your popup how you wish. The software also comes with 10 DFY background images. More info here

Wp Tag Machine Plugin

wp tag machine

Wp Tag Machine is a very useful plugin for WordPress website owners that can help you find the most relevant tags for your post. It can find and show you hundreds of related keywords to your main keyword that you can use as tags. After you only select the mosrt relevant keywords as tags for your post and with one click you can add your tags. More info here