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What Is Easy Bonus Builder?

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Easy Bonus Builder is a web based software that lets you create Bonus pages and populate it with ready to go Bonuses straight from its library all within a few clicks! Whether you are an affiliate or vendor, creating Bonus pages and sourcing for Bonuses is a tiresome task especially when you do it daily. Easy Bonus Builder solves all these problems and instead of spending several hours or days, now you can create and plug in quality Bonus offers instantly!
As you know, offering Bonuses for customers to buy through your affiliate link is a powerful tactic but creating it takes a lot of time. Easy Bonus Builder lets you create UNLIMITED Bonus Pages and even has a ready library of Bonuses for you to choose and add – instantly! No Bonus Creation. No Design Skills. No Monthly fees. Nothing to install. Finally you can join the ranks of marketing elites and boost your commissions without breaking a sweat.
When you look at many of the top affiliates that dominate leaderboards and make massive commissions, you’ll notice they have a few things in common. Chiefly, many of them use Bonuses to incentivize customers to buy through their affiliate link. Which is great, because you’re giving more value for money – and your customers would rather buy through you vs. someone else or even directly from the vendor’s site.
You don’t have to spend hours sourcing or even creating your own Bonuses. And the Bonus page editor lets you pick any proven Bonus template page to use and edit right away. Once you’re done, the bonus page and download page are automatically populated and ready for use!
Who This Easy Bonus Builder Software Is For? This software is for internet marketers, affiliates who want to create Bonus offers for their subscribers and customers, and for vendors who want to create Bonus Page ready for their own affiliates.

Easy Bonus Builder features:

– Instant Bonus Page builder
– Built-in Editor to customize your Bonus Page
– Bonus Page templates x 20
– Built-in, ready-to-go Bonuses x 50 (User can pick, choose and add with a click of the mouse) + 150 in optional Upsell
– Bonus choices ready in beautiful, professional color schemes
– Automatically generate the Bonus Download Page based on above choice
– Can embed video (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo)
– Exit pop-up redirect turn ON or OFF (add your own URL)
– Can convert page into HTML
– Can also optional host for you
– Can add button or hyperlink
– Ready made text templates built into the Template Pages
– Can add your own Images (PNG, JPG, GIF) – 2MB max

Easy Bonus Builder Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I add or use my own Bonus? Yes, you can!
  • Do I need to install anything? No, there is nothing to install. Just login and start using the software!
  • Do I need a website? Not necessarily. They give you the option to host your Bonus Pages on their server!
  • What if I want to host the Bonus Pages on my own website? Yes, you can. There is an option for you to export the Pages in HTML.
  • How many Bonus pages can I create? Unlimited!

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