Easy Links Affiliate Link Tracker Software Review

Easy Links Software Review

EasyLinks really is easy and a very powerful link platform for any niche or marketplace. EasyLinks is a platform that started development in early 2015. It has had over 250 beta testers running links to it each day since early 2016.

Easy Links Basic Platform

The basic version will allow the users to instantly get up and running with EasyLinks. Within minutes they will be able to create their links inside of our LinkBank with all the features you see below. If the user has anything to do with clicks, whether it be Faceabook Ads, Email Marketing, Videos, Blogging, etc. They will have a use for this system and it’s easy!

EasyLinks Basic Features:

– Access to the LinkBank where they are instantly able to create their EasyLinks!
– Access to Statistics and Analysis, with IP tracking capabilities
– Abilities to add to groups and master groups
– Sepreate campaigns to keep all their links organized
– Ability to deploy the holding pages inside of their easylinks
– Live blacklisting & 404 error monitoring

EasyLinks OTO – EasyLinks Pro Version – you can buy after the Basic Version

With the PRO Version has two new modules. As well as some other advanced feature and analytics. These two new features are the ProRotator and the Link Sequence.
Pro Rotator
The Pro Rotator takes your clicks to the next level!
With the Pro Rotator the user is very quickly going to discover a number of tactics they can do using our simple 1-2-3 Pro Rotator. Tactics that are students have been using for six months, and are loving it! The user is able to create one universal link that they put out in the universe. There’s no reason to change up your link, instead you simply update where that link goes. That one link can always show whatever current campaign or offer you have.
The Pro Rotator allows us to very easily rotate through different offers from any link that we create online. These links can even be branded to us. The Pro Rotator also allows us to get into paid traffic and be able to split different traffic costs with other members, allowing us to buy large amounts of traffic at a substantial savings.
Link Sequence
The Link Sequence Takes All The Work Out Of Your Campaign!
There is alot of timed link sequences with marketing pages and promotions online. The link sequence allows the user to setup a special triggered link sequence dependent on the time interval. It also allows the user to be able to setup that sequence based on an exact date range, or just a specified number of days, hours or minutes. When you have it specified as days, hours and minutes, the sequence can very easily be used over and over again.
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