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What is Intro Video Creator

Intro Video Creator is a software that creates Logo Stingers. It creates Intro Videos using 2D and 3D animations, the fonts and background can be easily customized. It allows to add MP3 intro tracks and the final video is exported as MP4, ready to be merged to any video, used on presentations or sell it.

First Impressions are important, you only have a few seconds to capture viewer’s attention. You need to use those valuable seconds to inspire trust, quality and a sense of high value instantly. Starting a video with an Intro Video or Logo Stinger, will show them that you are serious about your brand and will make them invest more time in the whole video.

Intro Video Creator software features:

Create Logo Stingers (Animate Your Logo)
Forget about expensive software or designers charging you a fortune to animate your logo. Intro Video Creator is the easiest and most affordable solution on the market to create Logo Stingers in Seconds.
Customize It in Seconds
Intro Video Creator allows you to customize all the elements around the Intro Video (Fonts, Background Color, Gradient, Music).
Add Music (Included Tracks or Yours)
Some ‘other’ more expensive software are limited to give you a video file. Intro video Creator allows you to add yourown music background on the final intro video or you can choose an Intro music track from the included Intro Music Menu.
Background Color and Gradient
They added the option to change the default background colors and to make it even better you can customize the gradient color and angle and preview it in Real-Time, before you create your Intro Videos.
Export it in Seconds (Rendering)
Intro Video Creator rendering engine is one of the most powerful and fastest on the market, so you get Amazing Intro Videos done in seconds!
Easy To Use
They designed Intro Video Creator in a way that makes it easy and intuitive to use even for a child!

How Intro Video Creator software works:

STEP 1: Choose Your Favorite Intro Video Template
Choose your favorite Intro Video Template (Logo Stinger). You can preview them in Real-Time. Just scroll down or use your mouse to choose from the left menu any of the included animations. You want variety, that’s why we included 2D and 3D animation and not only 3D like some ‘other’ tools on the market. Now you can match your brand image to your intro video easily by choosing between 2D or 3D Intro Video animations.
STEP 2: Add Your Logo & Music (Optional)
The next step is easy too. Just click on the ADD LOGO button and add your logo, please use a transparent PNG image. Once Added you will see in Real_Time your logo on the selected intro video template or if you want you can choose any other Intro Video Template and your logo will be previewed there too.
This is a big one, you can add your own MP3 Audio track, the software will use only a part of it, based on the duration of the animation or you can choose one of the included Intro Music Tracks. Why a big one? because you can preview ALL the Intro Video animations with music! that means you can see and hear on the preview screen how your final video will look and sound before creating it.
STEP 3: More Custom Settings (optional) & Export your Video
They added the option to customize the background color and the gradient of the Intro videos. The best part that you can go as far as choosing the lighting angle of the gradient! Finally you have the option to choose your video dimensions, 640×360 or HD 1280×720 or HD 1920 x 1080. After clicking the export button you jsut need to wait only a few seconds and your Intro video will be ready for you to use it in anything you want!

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