Movavi Video Converter – Optimize Video Formats Quickly and Easily

If you’re handling videos on a regular basis and watching, creating, sharing or uploading
them online it is important that you have a way to convert them between different formats.
Being able to convert videos will let you ensure they are compatible, and optimize them for
different devices or platforms.
As its name indicates, Movavi Video Converter is a video conversion software that will help
you to do just that. More importantly, it will make it extremely easy and straightforward –
requiring no prior experience or technical knowledge of video formats.

How to Convert a Video


When you want to convert a video, all you need to do is add it to Movavi Video Converter by
clicking on the ‘Add Media’ button then ‘Add Video’. After that you can click on the ‘Video’
tab in the lower part of the interface and select the format that you want to convert to. For
example if you were converting a DVD to AVI you’d select one of the AVI formats.
To make it easier to optimize your videos for specific devices or platforms, Movavi Video
Converter has hundreds of presets that you can choose from. These presets are located
under the ‘Devices’ tab, and cater to mobile devices, online video sharing platforms, and
much more.
Once you’ve selected a format or preset, all you need to do is click on the ‘Convert’ button
to start converting the video.

Additional Features

Aside from helping you to easily convert and optimize videos, Movavi Video Converter has a
host of other capabilities that will prove useful when handling videos. With its features you
can compress video files sizes, grab screenshots, extract audio tracks, create animated GIFs,
or convert audio and image files.
On top of that there are several editing features in Movavi Video Converter as well that will
let you tweak and improve your videos if necessary. More specifically its tools will let you
enhance the video quality, crop or rotate the frame, cut and join video segments, or insert
captions into your videos.
Cumulatively the features Movavi Video Converter provides will give you the means to
convert, optimize, compress, edit and essentially deal with media files in numerous ways. In
short it should be extremely useful, regardless of whether you’re looking for a way to
optimize videos before you upload or share them online, or just want to ensure the videos
you want to watch are compatible with your devices.

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