Outreach Management Software 2021

Outreach Marketing Software 2021


ReachMonk is a Marketing Outreach Software developed in Australia in 2020. It’s designed for Social Media Managers, Startup entrepreneurs, and Freelancers to extend their customer base. Everyone needs new customers, and anyone who’s played the game for a little while knows that it takes hustle – customers don’t fall from the sky into your pocket. They’re out there though. Billions of people consuming products and services on a daily basis. Those who win are those who hustle to make it work, whatever their venture may be.

Outreach has different objectives. Although outreach can be directly related to sales, it’s much broader to include general networking. In the old days, this was done on the telephone, but now, the channels for outreach tend to be social media and email. The types, or goals, can be; partnership/alliances, business to prospective clients, business to existing customers, publishers (e.g being featured on a blog website), mentorship, mutual learning, and more.



  • Tracking Link & Shortener
  • Recording the who, what, where, when, how often of outreach pitching.
  • Isolates the Source, Message, Product of each pitch for fast templating, and to gather performance analytics of specific components
  • Spam Rate Limit Management (Quantity per 24 hours)
  • Click performance analytics
  • Manage Facebook Groups
  • Manage Quora Groups
  • Manage Instagram
  • Manage Email to bloggers etc
  • Disable people or groups that declined the pitch
  • Identify Best Performing Messages
  • Reusable Outreach Templates
  • Identify Best Performing Sources
  • The ‘Super Outreach’ which is comnination of best source, message, product.
  • 1-click copy outreach messages
  • Once you load in URL of Facebook groups etc, it’s 1 click to open it.



  • Prevent Social media restrictions from over-spamming (“Facebook jail”).
  • Avoid accidentally re-pitching to people who declined pitch.
  • By knowing which sources performed best, you can retarget them.
  • By knowing which sources performed worst, you can stop wasting time.
  • You can effectively A/B test your messages to increase conversions.
  • Get maximum yield from your sources by posting regularly, as opposed to forgetting for a while.
  • Avoid over posting to a source. You’ll see the last date, so you can spread it evenly.

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