Pixel Studio Fx 3.0

Pixel Studio FX is an online service that allows anyone to create professional, high converting e-Covers and box art in 60 seconds or less. This tool is a perfect design tool for eBooks.
The software includes designs, fonts, icons, stock images, and award-winning templates. You don’t need anything else to build the best e-Covers in the world.

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Pixel Studio FX is 100% cloud-based. Works on Windows or Mac. Tested on multiple devices and operating systems; even tablets and mobile devices. You log in and access the design studio online so the only required component is an active internet connection.
No Technical Skills, Coding or Designers Required Making it 100% Newbie-Friendly.

What’s new in Pixel Studio Fx 3.0?

PSFX2 includes 2,640 Instant eCovers ( 220 templates with 12 eCover formats each )
PSFX3 includes twice as many … 5,328 Instant eCovers ( 333 templates with 16 eCover formats each )
PSFX2 includes 180 unique fonts
PSFX3 includes almost twice as many … 300 unique fonts
PSFX2 includes 50 MB online storage for uploads and eCover storage
PSFX3 includes ten times as much … 500 MB online storage for uploads and eCover storage
This e-cover creator software and allow everyone to generate great looking e-Covers and Box Art without any experience.
Pixel Studio FX 3.0 has the monthly recurring fee removed for a limited time and is available for a low one-time investment.



Pixel Studio Fx 3 software features:

– 5,326 Ecover Templates (more than double the amount included in Pixel Studio FX 2.0)
– Professional high-quality HD graphics
– Every possible Ecover scenario
– Countless high-quality backgrounds
– Ease of use robust design dashboard
– Project saving on the fly
– Thousands of clipart images
– 23 different niche categories to choose from
– One click colorization for unique e-cover creation
– Integration with popular stock media sites
– And so much more!

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