VidSkippy Software Review

VidSkippy is a new cloud based software that enables you to put video and clickable ads on any video even if your own or to any others videos, they don’t have to be your videos. You can use this software with YouTube, Vimeo or MP4 videos. VidSkippy enables users to do the same thing possible with YouTube Ads. You already know this works because YouTube have been doing the very same thing for years, and now you can do the same, only without the cost. You can use then these videos on your own website, or you can share directly to social accounts Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Can I use VidSkippy even if I do not have a website?

Yes of course. You not need a website to use VidSkippy. You can create fast campaigns in minutes and share fast on social media only. You can get traffic directly from social accounts. Consider this. You use other people’s videos from YouTube or Vimeo, you add your Live and clickable affiliate link, and you share those videos in relevant Facebook groups, on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest. When someone clicks your link and buys you make a commission. You dont need to have a website to make affiliate commission with this, but if you have you can use this marketing software there as well. It is a good tactic if you have a website that you find the most trending and viral videos, create your free video ad campaign and paste a code to your page or blog post. If you insert inside the video a relevant video ad your readers will click your link that will go to your affiliate or any other offer and you make sale. Imagine how much videos you can post every day to your blog with a little text and with the video with your ads, generating a lot of organic traffic that you can convert with these ads to sales.

What I not like in VidSkippy

The only problem what I dont like in this software that the campaign numbers are limited. You have two options 10 or 50 campaigns/month. But if you buy the upgrade product you can use unlimited campaigns per month. But before buying this option you must buy the basic product with the 10 or 50 campaign. For me this is not so simpatic (why they not put this option direct to the main product and why you must pay for these limited options first to upgrade after to the unlimited option).
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