What are “Contact us” forms?

Contact us form is used to connect the customers to the website. If you are a website owner, who wants
to get leads, feedbacks and queries directly from your customers then contact us form is the best way.
Anyone visiting your website would be able to see that form, and they can generate any question they
want to ask you by filling up the form and the questions along with their contact information will come
directly to you and you can help them back accordingly. Contact us form has proven out to be a great
way to get connected to your customers, read on this article to know how.

Why you need contact us form

Reasons, why you need, contact us form for your business?
There are many reasons why contact us form is needed for your business, some of them are listed
1. The most important reason for choosing to contact us form is for the security of your website
and protecting it from spams.
2. Contact us form will give reachability to all your users as all the customers might not have social
media account and if they cannot reach you easily from your website then they might move on
to your rival website.
3. The customers can generate a query at any time but it might not be possible for you to be
available on the call if they call you to take the number from the website, contact us form solves
that problem as well.
4. Contact us form is more convenient and casual as they do not need your customers to open
their mail program or call you, all they need to do is, write their query and you can contact them
back as per their convenience.
5. The visitors coming to your website and writing on your contact us form might be interested in
your product, if they give consent, you can get send newsletters and advertise your new product
through an e-mail or texting which might help you to get potential clients.

How to get contact us form?

You can get contact us form developed from individual professional or from online form builders who
are a website that helps you in creating your customized contact us form by choosing on from their wide
range of templates, colors, and fonts. The best online form builder is Aida from who would give you a
clear and customized contact us form. You do not need to learn any programming language to create
one for yourself. All you need to do is,
1. Think about a structure that you want for your contact us form, like what should be the theme
of the form, the color, the fields, the layouts etc.
2. Then go to our website, login to the member's area (sign up if you are new) and just chose the
options that you want in your form like colors, fonts etc. The best part of website is that all the
replies from social media and website are given by your customers will be stored securely to
your personal member area.contact

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