CrazyKala software review

CrazyKala software review

CrazyKala software


CrazyKala is a simple, powerful, easy to use cloud based software, an online graphic editing suite which helps you create professional high converting graphic for your marketing needs in less than 2 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse. CrazyKala Drag and Drop Editor helps you create professional graphics with a few clicks of a mouse! This is a web application that caters features and requirements wanted by millions bloggers and marketers for a long long time.

Imagine finding any image you want for your content in just 5 seconds. Imagine adding 100+ special effects in 1-click to any image/graphics. Imagine never having to waste time on menial tasks. Imagine becoming an awesome graphic editor/ designer without any technical or Photo Shop skills. Imagine having access to over 10 MILLION images on your fingertips. Imagine spending seconds, not HOURS, making your content look amazing with high quality images and designs. Imagine having access to over 300 pre-made proven and high converting templates that will blow your competitors away.

Crazykala software features:

  • Newbie Friendly- Fully Tested. No tech skills!
  • Create & Edit Unlimited Images in Any Size!
  • Cloud Based- Nothing To Install or Download
  • 1000+ Special Shapes Elements & Backgrounds
  • Stunning 2D Book Covers – in few Clicks
  • Access to 10 Million+ Royalty Free Images
  • 300+ Done For You High Converting Graphics/Design Templates
  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, G+ Ads & Banners ready within minutes
  • T-Shirt Design – Create custom tee design
  • Finds you 10 Million+ Royalty-Free images from Multiple TOP SOURCES
    Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It can take hours to pick the one that fits your site best. Scouring 100s of websites is not the best use of your time. That?�€™s why we made is EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Our 1-click search finds over 10 million images within seconds. Choose one and get creative in CrazyKala canvas.”
  • 1-Click Crop, Resize, Rotate and Edit. Finding an image that fits your sizing needs can be difficult. Inn fact, when you edit an image, it usually distorts. That’s why we added a quick 1-click edit feature that makes it extremely simple for you to get the right size/shape of the image you want.
  • Complete Image Editing Suite. The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every Website owner? The full featured click & drag editor! It allows you to create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images – watch our DEMO and you’ll see how simple and extremely effective this is.
  • UNLIMITED LAYERS Support inside the Editor. Only very few online image editing program provide complex layering systems and that too with high prices. They’ve added LAYERS to CrazyKala so it alows you to do the most advanced editing to create complex images fast. CrazyKala is a COMPLETE Image Editing and Design Suite.
  • 20+ Instagram like FILTERS. Instagram has taken social media by storm. Their strongest feature – Image Filters is now in your hands right inside your crazykala account. You can pick from any of the 20+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest with just 1-click.
  • 100+ Special Text Fonts for your Infographics. Fonts play a vital role in content presentation on infographics. We have selected the 100 best, most eye-popping fonts to enhance the value of your design and engage customers in the best way. Now you can apply a COMBINATION of 100+ effects to your images and create an unlimited variety of graphics.
  • 300+ Ready Made, FULLY Tested, Proven & High Converting Ad and Banner Templates. You will have the privilege of using our high-converting, tried-and-tested templates from each category of banners and ads. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Website Banners, Side Banners etc. You name it! Templates are prebuilt and ready to edit and use in less than 5 minutes. No need to adjust the canvas size to suit a particular banner/ad layout or create different layers to make it presentable.

How to use CrazyKala:

CrazyKala is very easy to use. CrazyKala allows ANYONE, even the “graphically challenged” to come up with High Converting Infographics and Beautiful Designs within minutes. Not to mention, the huge savings to your wallet!
Step 1: Select Template
Select a style of template to get instant access to hundreds of high converting, pre-made templates.
Step 2: Edit
Edit Anything You Want! From Image, text, font, background, and shapes, you can edit as you wish. You can add your own images or use one of 10 Million Pre-Loaded Images!
Step 3: Publish
Publish your work to a website/blog, social media, save it, or download to your system for future use.

What kind of graphics you can create with Crazykala software:

1. Social Media: YouTube Covers, Facebook Covers, Facebook ads and Banner ads, Twitter Covers, Google Plus Covers, Pinterest Board Covers and Pins.

2. Web Banners: Square Pop Up, Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Vertical, Leader board, Full Banners.

3. Kindle & eBook Covers: Square Pop Up, Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Vertical, Leader board, Full Banners.

4. Offline Business: Business Cards, Flyers

5. T-Shirt Design: Design and create a custom Tee Design using this software.

6. Custom Size: Create a banner, flyers or anything.

What you get if you buy today CrazyKala:

1. CrazyKala App
Best and most complete online image editing suite integrated with Latest WYSIWYG Click Drag technology will give wings to your creativitity for lifetime. The best and most complete online image editing suite is integrated with the latest WYSIWYG Click & Drag technology. It will give wings to your creativity for a lifetime.

2. Video Training
Although simple to use, we have made step-by-step training so you are well versed with all of the tools and features CrazyKala has to offer.
Within 30 minutes or less, you will be using CrazyKala like a PRO!

3. 24/7 Support Staff
Have questions? You can reach out to their friendly support staff any time, any day for assistance.

4. 100 Free Templates
They’re providing you premium, high converting templates which can be used with multi-purpose and in variety of themes.

5. Access to MILLIONS of Images
You could visit individual stock image sites, pay their high prices, and waste time searching for and editing those images. OR you could get the best image options using keywords, then compare and edit instantly and have your design ready in no time!?�€

6. Latest WYSIWYG Click Drag Technology
This is most advanced technology in online editing tools. CrazyKala is the fastest tool amongst all of them – using less steps to do the same work.

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