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Re Engager plugin will help you get more opt-ins, sales, and ultimately make more money. Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky created this and personally use this easy to use plugin to boost opt-ins, conversions, sales, and make more money with just a few clicks of their mouse. What if there was a way to literally force people to notice your tab and get them to come back to your site by using a powerful psychological tactic that works virtually every single time.

Re Engager software

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It is a simple software plug-in that works to make your website standout among all of the other browser windows your visitors have open. It actively brings visitors that have left your website back to it, and when the visitor comes back to your website, you’re able to re-engage them to get more clicks, more sales, more opt-ins, and ultimately make more money! This makes your browser tab stand-out from the rest, and the visitor almost always comes back to your website before closing out their browser.

reengager tab notification function

When someone leaves your website, Re-Engager shows a notification on the browser that looks similar to an instant message. Of course, this is fully-customizable. This makes your browser tab stand-out from the rest, and the visitor almost always comes back to your website before closing out their browser. When they come back, you can show them a video, pop-up an opt-in page, give them a discount, and a lot more. Effectively, you get a second chance to get your visitor to take action.

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With Re-Engager, they’ve been able to solve the problem of people landing on your website, then leaving to look at other stuff, which means they almost never return. Re-Engager brings them back using a very clever tactic, and re-engages visitors to get them to buy what you’re selling, click on your affiliate link, opt-in to your list or take any other action that you want. If you want more clicks, more engagement, more opt-ins and more sales you will want this plugin. It’s newbie-friendly, easy-to-customize, and will help you make every visitor to your website count.

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This plugin is powerful, easy-to-use, and pretty much giving anyone that gets their hands on it an unfair advantage in their online business. Re-Engager is an easy-to-use WordPress plug-in that you can get setup with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s fast, easy, and you don’t need any prior experience to start getting results fast.

Everything is fully customizable, colors, boxes, pop-ups, videos, call to actions, so you can make it work for your online business. They’re including a step by step training so you can get the most out of Re-Engager and be up and running within minutes. The over-the-shoulder video training shows you EVERYTHING you can do with the RE-Engager software.

How Re-Engager Plugin Works:

Someone is browsing your website, sales page, or opt-in page. They get a message from Facebook, decide to check their email, or ultimately end up leaving your website. If you have the Re-Engager software installed on your website, it forces them back by showing a “notification of message” in the browser tab. When the visitor returns to your website to investigate the notification, a pop-up with a custom video you’ve created re engages your visitor and gets them plugged back in and interested in what you have to offer. You can put any message you like below the pop-up video., a discounted offer or really any call to action works great here. Instead of a video, you can also choose to have an opt-in form that pops up for your visitor. Re-Engager is fully integrated with Google maps, so you can show your location when someone comes back to your website. This works great for local businesses that want to re-engage people on their contact pages. You can also have an entire website pop-up when someone comes back to your page, this is great for affiliate marketing or even if you have your own eCommerce store. You can offer discounts as well that show the old price and newly discounted prices if they didn’t buy before, often giving them a lower price will do the trick!

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