TTS Audio Maker Software Review 2020

TTS Audio Maker software is finally an easy-to-use online software to create professional Text To Speech audio files and Multi-Voice stories in seconds! The software vendor is the same as TTS Sketch Maker.
This new technology will allow you to create conversations or stories by just adding text and choosing the right settings for the voices.
tts audio maker
It’s a new Text To Speech audio software online that creates audio using just text. That means that any text you add on this app will generate a human-like voice audio file that you can listen on any device or add it to your projects and the best part is that it will sound like another human-being was reading it!
The new voices are designed to sound natural so you can be sure that the audios made with TTS Audio Maker will sound great on any project!
Now you can create dialogs using different voices so you can create conversations, discussions and much more!

Write your own text or just copy and paste any text you want. It’s so easy to use! if you know how to use a computer’s mouse you can use TTS Audio Maker!
It allows you to create stories, yes! stories or dialogs.
Picture it, imagine you could create a story for a kid, with
talking characters, each of them with their own special voice.
Or You could create a dialog between 2 people, one asking questions and the other one replying, like on an interview.
That’s not all, it comes packed with several languages and different voices.
Another plus is that it’s so easy to use, you just type or paste your text, choose your favourite voice and make it talk.
You can download all the projects, stories or dialogs to use it with other projects.


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